Sunday, 13 January 2013

the nursery

So, first post back for 2013 after not blogging for goodness knows how long, and I'm writing about an amazing day that I had on Friday. I spent the day with eight other ladies, listening to and absorbing as much knowledge as we could from the amazing Tim Coulson at 'The Nursery' in Adelaide. I first heard of his amazing talent through this beautiful lady when he shot her family {I'll never think that sounds ok....the shot part!} and from first seeing his images, I was hooked. His images are real, yet dreamy & ethereal. They completely draw you in.

I've been playing around on manual on my camera for a little while, but really not knowing what on earth I was doing. It was just all numbers. Now, from just one day full of information, I can safely say that I will never put my camera back on automatic. Ever.

Here are a few images I took on the day - the ones that I liked. There were quite a few not so good ones!!

 It has just all of a sudden clicked {no pun intended!}. No, my images aren't perfect. They probably never will be, but I just like the fact that I now understand what my camera is doing, and what I need to do to it to allow myself to take better photos. Thank you so much Tim. {By the way, it was so amazing to meet you, Kesh and Roo. You truly are an amazingly beautiful little family. Inside and out.}