Wednesday, 2 May 2012

snap it {yellow}

Winter pyjama pants are being sown here.
In cosy yellow flannel.
The fabric is by the very talented Anna-Maria Horner.
It's from her Folksy Flannel collection.
I bought mine here.
The easy kids pants pattern is from here.

More orders have been made & measurements taken.
Stay tuned for the finished results.

More {yellow} over at Sarah's blog. Why not go and have a look!


  1. sweet! I wouldn't mind some adult pj pants in that fabric.

  2. How gorgeous Lauren! I think yellow is a beautiful colour for PJ's. I almost bought a pair of flannie ones today, they were blue with yellow flowers on them... I think I might go back and buy them now! xo

  3. love it! of course there is no more stylish flannel than AMH.. xx

  4. those look like the perfect pj's! how snuggly!!

  5. Ohh, I've been looking at some flannel quilt covers, but hadn't thought of pjs, love the sunny yellow.

  6. The color is gorgeous! Oh I wish I could sew!! Although, I have just bought a small collection of PJ's online! I do love a pajama day.....


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