Saturday, 12 May 2012

and so we walked

Well, I walked {well, mostly ran to try and keep up} while the girls scootered. {My spell checker is telling me that 'scootered' isn't a word, but I'm sticking with it} We went a couple of weeks ago now, and this post & photos* have been sitting in my blog, waiting ever so patiently for me to finish it off!

We went around the lake near where we live. It's very common to see people walking around it and all hours of the day - rain, hail or shine! It's the go-to-place for a walk around these parts. I prefer to go up to the tower - which is a much harder, but much more satisfying walk/run - but it's a little hard to get those scooters going on a bush track! The lake is perfect for riding your scooter around.

When we were done, we said we would make it a weekly event - we haven't been since. But, we have been struck down again with sickies in the house {me included} so we do have a valid excuse. I can think of nothing better though, than getting out in the fresh {albeit rather cool} air again and hanging out with these beautiful girls in the very near future.

Happy weekend all x

*it's not ideal to carry a dslr whilst running, so all photos are taken on my iphone. 


  1. If you ak me, a long walk / scooter is the perfect family activity. Great pics! x

  2. Beautiful photos! The sky looks amazing and that lake is just a picture. What lovely memories to keep for your girls xo


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