Monday, 23 April 2012


With everything that has been going on, I've taken a lot of photos but they haven't made it here. Instead of a photo overload {although this is a semi-overload} I've taken a selection of bits and pieces that have been happening of late.

:: A bus trip to Port Fairy for the Folk Festival with beautiful family - listening to bands on the lawn, dancing to buskers on the street & chatty cousins enjoying each others company.

:: A trip to country Victoria for Easter camping, again with our beautiful extended family. This annual Easter tradition which comprises of doing a whole lot of not much - eating, motorbike riding, yabbying, eating again, reading, sitting by the camp fire & did I mention eating?

:: Picking the apples & figs that are ripening on the trees, before the birds feast on them. I'm a bit of a lazy gardener. I don't cover our fruit and veg, so I can't complain with sharing with the birds - I just have to get my share before they get theirs!

:: Less and less blue skies as the days become cooler. Good bye to the beautiful sunshine, and making most of being outside when he pays us a visit.

:: Planting succulents which I used to hate, but now love to bits. I'm seriously becoming a Nanna!

:: A special 30th birthday party for my beautiful sister in law. It was 80's themed, hence the over the top, teased, high side pony! Even a fake beauty mark. I totally wanted to be Madonna when I was growing up. Perhaps a little too Papa Don't Preach for my father though!

:: Indoor games and baking when the weather turns blah and the kiddos are sick.

It was back to school today for the two eldest girls. The small was still not feeling well, so I didn't worry about sending her off to kindy. Turns out that was the right thing to do, as they don't go back until next Monday! My brain needs some sort of kick start to get it working again at the moment. 

Happy Monday people! x


  1. haha I am laughing at the thought of you turning up to kindy and wondering where everyone else was...!! I love this post. You haven't done one like this before with so many photos - I love it!! glad *most* of the household is on the mend x

  2. Oh these photos are awesome Lauren, I always love a photo overload. Looks like you've been having plenty of fun. Love the Madonna look, very pretty. And I was a little nervous about taking my Mr4 off to preschool this morning, as I wasn't quite sure if they went back today or not... luckily they were back, phew! xo

  3. Wow! Great photos Lauren!! I love them!
    I've done the kindy thing recently. Kinder got flooded, so was cancelled. I hadn't checked my phone messages and turned up wondering where everyone was!!
    I hope you get to enjoy more of that beautiful fruit than the birds do! x

  4. What beautiful pictures Lauren. Love your figs and kale. Oh to have a fig tree. I'm a bit of a lazy gardener too as it goes. I always leave gardening jobs for another day... What did you do with the figs? My favourite way is a slice of blue cheese and a wee drizzle of honey. Mmmmm


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