Thursday, 9 February 2012

up close and personal - or 'dogged' as i like to call it

I had my two eldest girls home with me this afternoon, while their dad was in picking the littlest up from her Mummars, and they wanted to do a bit of a photo shoot. I'm not into posey-pose photos much. I much prefer au-naturale. However, my girls are posers. You get a camera out and they are doing some weird move because they think that's what you have to do - a pose. I seriously don't know where they get it from. I am not a poser. Stick a camera in front of my face and I usually run a mile. If you look up "un-photogenic" in the dictionary, there'll be a picture of moi. I'd much rather be behind it.

When I tell the girls to "just look natural", they do a blank expression and look more like they are watching paint dry than actually looking like they normally do. I prefer to capture them either when they don't realise it, or just when they are smiling at me as it's the only way it results in photos that I like.

Today we had a short stint outside as my battery was low and I had other problems - the big dog would not leave me alone. {His name is Franklin. He is Bull Mastiff x English Mastiff. He is a large creature. Our other dog is a Jack Russell named Cyril. Hawks supporters will know the meaning behind their names.} He loves us to bits, but when that's the case, he has to be as close to you as possible - and that means on top of you. Every time I would crouch down to snap a picture, he would take it as his opportunity to hop on top of me me. He isn't small, so he pretty much bowled me over each and every time. If I was standing, he was either right next to me or running back to the girls trying to get in on some camera action. I couldn't get an appropriate shot while he was on me. I had my 50mm lens on and it just wasn't going to happen.

Here are a couple of shots we took.

He was seriously as close as he could get to me.

The last one is what happens when they get too close to each other. It is just so uncool to be too close to your sister you know. Der mum.

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