Tuesday, 7 February 2012

love more, worry less

I read this post from Ryan at The Panic Room this morning. It floored me. What an amazing man. What an amazing family. It's things like this that make me stop whining when I feel like my life is crap. When I have children yelling at each other. When things aren't going to plan. I need to stop and think. There are other people out there that have other things going on, challenging their own lives. Things that I can't even began to imagine how I would handle something like that. And they just do it. They do whatever is needed. They love. They care.

When I was pregnant with our youngest daughter, our earlier scans indicated that she had an increased chance that she could have Down Syndrome. She had thickening at the back of her neck, which is one of the things they look for. I'm not sure whether Down Syndrome is actually genetic, but both my husband and I had a relative with the condition. We worried, but only for a while. We decided that if that's what God had decided to give us, we were going to be ready, willing and able. She was perfect when she was born. No Down Syndrome, just a big, chubby baby with rolls around her neck. But we were prepared. We were ready. You do whatever you have to do to make it work.

Ryan and Cole are obviously an amazing couple who devote a lot of their time to their children, specifically their son. {Ryan is his step-dad, which makes him even more amazing, I think}. I just thought I'd share these wonderful people.

Love more. Worry less.


  1. If only we could follow this adage more often, we'd have a far happier world. It is so important to recognise the wonderful things we do have and realise there are so many, far less fortunate. Great post Lauren :o)


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