Thursday, 23 February 2012

grateful :: computer geeks

After a three weeks hiatus, I'm back linking up all sorts of grateful with this beautiful red head. I had planned to be back on the wagon last week {after two weeks of being in a funk and finding nothing to be grateful for, but a whole other story}, however my computer had other thoughts. It decided to have a meltdown instead. {For some reason the Wicked Witch of the West just popped up in my mind with her "I'm melting" scream.} But it wasn't like that at all. No, my computer kindly said in a round about way "my hard drive is about to crash, why don't you back me up and have me looked at".

So, back it up I did.

My external hard drive was full and I went into panic mode. My last resort was CD's. It took all weekend to back up only 50% of the hard drive onto 14 discs. Yes, 14 discs! Ridiculous! On Monday I'd had enough. I bought a 2 terabyte hard drive and backed it up in a few hours.

I sent it in to our computer geek on Tuesday thinking that it could take over a day or two. But, he took an image of everything on my computer, replaced the hard drive, and had it ready to give back to me within four hours. I lurve him! So this week I am so very grateful to him - my computer tech - who is only slightly geeky. Without him, I wouldn't be writing this right now. And I would be going out of my mind not having my computer.

{Unfortunately, the problem with not having a computer all weekend, is then doing all the paperwork that was waiting for me for the rest of the week. Ugh.}

Also, like the beautiful Miss Tahnee, I didn't realise that we had to follow a topic for each week. I've broke the rules again for this week. I'll be on track next week. Promise!

*please note, my computer geek does not turn me on. In fact, it's the opposite, but I thought this was fitting seeing as though I now lurve him for getting my computer back to me so promptly!! Just thought I'd clear that one up.


  1. hurraaaaaaaaaaaah, you're baaaaaaaack!!! :) xxx

  2. Welcome back! You've just reminded me that I really need to back-up my computer too. Off to do that now!

  3. as a non techy I will always be grateful for those tech inclined who will teach me and save my butt over the years! bless the tech people!

    Deb @ home life simplified

  4. Hooray for the geeks, they really are already inheriting the earth. I do have a back up disc which backs up daily IF I remember to plug it in. Often I leave it plugged in for a while, if the computer was ever stolen the disc would be stolen too and I'd be lost completely.

    Have a good weekend.

  5. These things scare me, I stupidly prefer to remain ignorant to backing up and stuff like that. I used to be quite on to it with computers. Now a right click seems too hard! :)
    Love the disclaimer - made me laugh! xo

  6. I have a backup hard drive which backs up daily in case of computer failure - but never thought of it getting stolen... Should back up to another one and store offsite I guess. Glad you're all sorted now.

  7. Hmmmm, back up you say? Yes, must find my own computer geek to love!

    And don't worry about the topics! You can follow them if it helps, but whatever sprins o mind for the week is the thing to write about? Hell, I don't even follow the topics half the time!

    Love your work and so very happy to see you back!! x

  8. Thanks for the reminder, backup is waiting for me!

  9. Yay, glad your back up and running :)

  10. Backing up your computer is always a good idea! :-) Glad to hear that you managed to do that without loosing anything, because that would suck.

    I don't follow the 'grateful' topics, I just post about what I am gratful for, which is the point isn't it?

  11. thank you lovelies. it's good to be back, although i'm being a little slack...well busy is probably the more appropriate word, but i'm still here!! thank you for all your lovely comments. x


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