Thursday, 23 February 2012

#febphotoaday {days 11 to 22}

{day 11}
something that makes me happy :: watching this girl ride her 'stunt bike', while saying she's going to be a stunt rider when she grows up :: 5:43pm

{day 12}
inside my closet :: the flowergirl dress i wore when i was a flowergirl in my aunty's wedding :: i was three

{day 13}
something blue :: ginger beer label :: i'm lacking inspiration today

{day 14}
heart :: as adventurous as i'm going to get today

{day 15}
phone :: old school and newbies :: 7:12pm

{day 16}
something new :: cushion covers from the beautiful cath over at mybeardedpigeon :: now i just need to hurry up and find some inserts so i can show them off

{day 17}
time :: 12:00pm town hall clock

{day 18}
drink :: coffee :: i need a kick

{day 19}
something you hate :: constantly washing, drying and folding washing :: it never ends :: 10:51am

{day 20}
handwriting :: this weeks diary page so far :: i told myself i would be organised this year :: 7:45am

{day 21}
a fave photo of you :: my cousin and i on her wedding day :: i was lucky enough to be a part of her special day when she married her high school finnish sweetheart :: such an amazing day

{day 22}
where you work :: a mountain of paperwork is the usual mess at this desk :: it's never ending


  1. Those photos are lovely! Really love the first one. x

  2. So wonderful picture, I like your blog, and I'm your newest follower:-)

    Greetings from Switzerland



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