Wednesday, 29 February 2012

snap it {sky}

This photo was taken with my iPhone. I'm without my camera at the moment as my bro-in-law used it on the weekend to take some photos for his sisters wedding. IPhone cameras are amazing. I'm always in awe at the  quality of the images.

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#febphotoaday {days 23 to 29}

{day 23}
shoes :: rubi

{day 24}
inside your bathroom cabinet :: this is my cabinet away from home :: all the necessities

{day 25}
green :: our green green grass of home

{day 26}
night :: starry night by van gogh :: my favourite painting of his

{day 27}
something you ate :: pistachios :: pre dinner snack

{day 28}
money :: i rarely have notes in my purse, but it is always full of coins

{day 29}
something you're listening to :: love this at the moment :: only love

I'll be joining in for Fat Mum Slim's March challenge on instagram which starts tomorrow. How the heck did we get to March already?? {I think I said that in February too!} I got a little slack for February. I did every day, but some were late. You can find the new challenge on instagram or over here. You can follow me on instagram. I'm sunshineandgreentea on there as well.

Happy Leap Day friends! 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

#febphotoaday {days 11 to 22}

{day 11}
something that makes me happy :: watching this girl ride her 'stunt bike', while saying she's going to be a stunt rider when she grows up :: 5:43pm

{day 12}
inside my closet :: the flowergirl dress i wore when i was a flowergirl in my aunty's wedding :: i was three

{day 13}
something blue :: ginger beer label :: i'm lacking inspiration today

{day 14}
heart :: as adventurous as i'm going to get today

{day 15}
phone :: old school and newbies :: 7:12pm

{day 16}
something new :: cushion covers from the beautiful cath over at mybeardedpigeon :: now i just need to hurry up and find some inserts so i can show them off

{day 17}
time :: 12:00pm town hall clock

{day 18}
drink :: coffee :: i need a kick

{day 19}
something you hate :: constantly washing, drying and folding washing :: it never ends :: 10:51am

{day 20}
handwriting :: this weeks diary page so far :: i told myself i would be organised this year :: 7:45am

{day 21}
a fave photo of you :: my cousin and i on her wedding day :: i was lucky enough to be a part of her special day when she married her high school finnish sweetheart :: such an amazing day

{day 22}
where you work :: a mountain of paperwork is the usual mess at this desk :: it's never ending

grateful :: computer geeks

After a three weeks hiatus, I'm back linking up all sorts of grateful with this beautiful red head. I had planned to be back on the wagon last week {after two weeks of being in a funk and finding nothing to be grateful for, but a whole other story}, however my computer had other thoughts. It decided to have a meltdown instead. {For some reason the Wicked Witch of the West just popped up in my mind with her "I'm melting" scream.} But it wasn't like that at all. No, my computer kindly said in a round about way "my hard drive is about to crash, why don't you back me up and have me looked at".

So, back it up I did.

My external hard drive was full and I went into panic mode. My last resort was CD's. It took all weekend to back up only 50% of the hard drive onto 14 discs. Yes, 14 discs! Ridiculous! On Monday I'd had enough. I bought a 2 terabyte hard drive and backed it up in a few hours.

I sent it in to our computer geek on Tuesday thinking that it could take over a day or two. But, he took an image of everything on my computer, replaced the hard drive, and had it ready to give back to me within four hours. I lurve him! So this week I am so very grateful to him - my computer tech - who is only slightly geeky. Without him, I wouldn't be writing this right now. And I would be going out of my mind not having my computer.

{Unfortunately, the problem with not having a computer all weekend, is then doing all the paperwork that was waiting for me for the rest of the week. Ugh.}

Also, like the beautiful Miss Tahnee, I didn't realise that we had to follow a topic for each week. I've broke the rules again for this week. I'll be on track next week. Promise!

*please note, my computer geek does not turn me on. In fact, it's the opposite, but I thought this was fitting seeing as though I now lurve him for getting my computer back to me so promptly!! Just thought I'd clear that one up.

Friday, 17 February 2012

{this moment}

{this moment} - Inspired by SouleMama. A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savour and remember.

. . . . . . . .

{the girls are making pizza for our tea}

Hopefully I'll be back over the weekend to link up with the lovely Maxabella and 52 Weeks of Grateful - I'm a little behind!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

snap it {yum}

Over the weekend, the girls and I headed into town for the library markets. The market showcases local produce & handmade goods. It was lovely. There were a few little stalls for the kids to do activities at. One of the stalls had homemade biscuits which they were selling for $1 and the kids could decorate it with whatever they please. The girls thought they were delicious.


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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tag. You're it!

I've been tagged by the beautiful Amelia over at Mama Muesli bar to play a little game of tag. I feel a little bit special when I get tagged to do something like this - being new to blogging, and, you know, it's just little old me. For someone to even think to tag me, it makes me feel kinda spesh. So thank you Amelia.

Describe yourself in seven words
Funny, home-body, chubby-cheeked, worrier, pushover, loving, self-conscious.

What keeps you up at night?
Worrying. {Or blogging & instagram}. But mostly worrying. {It seems I have this in common with Amelia} I worry about minuscule things. Things that I shouldn't even be worried about. I analyze things way too much and seem to take the bad things that people say on board, and forget about the good. I could list off a million not nice things that people have said to me in the years I have been alive that have just stuck to me like glue. I think that's why I'm a little self-conscious. Occasionally I feel good about myself, but it's rare. I worry about that too. I worry about how I feel about myself and that I might be giving my girls a negative body image. I don't want them worrying about what they look like. They are beautiful. I need to be happy with me, for them. It's a work in progress. I worry that I don't exercise enough, aren't eating the foods that I should be, which in turn makes me eat the food that I shouldn't be - vicious cycle. I always worry that I'm not the best mother that I can be. That I work too much and aren't spending enough time with my beautiful girls. I don't think they notice, but I do. I worry that I don't give my husband enough attention. We are both super busy, and sometimes I feel the only chance we get to talk is when we hop into bed, and even then we are too tired so just end up going to sleep. I could keep going on and on about what I worry about. I'm a good worrier, you know. One of the best.

Who would you like to be?
I would like to be the person on the other side of the worry that I just mentioned. The thing that I want the most is to be happy with myself. I think if I can be happy with myself, then everything will just fall into place. I want to be the mum that all the other kids wish was their mum. I want to be the person my girls come to first when they have a problem, no matter what their age or mine.

What are you wearing right now?
I'm at home, so I have trackies and a t-shirt on right now. As soon as I get home from anywhere, the first thing I do, actually it's the second thing I do {the first is running to the toilet!}, is change into either my trackies or my pj bottoms. So just be warned - you won't find a well dressed person if you just happen to land on my doorstep.

What scares you?
My worst fear involves my children. I rarely let them go anywhere by themselves. I'm scared of someone kidnapping them. I am scared of them going in a car with someone else - what if they have a car accident and they die? My worst fear {or nightmare} would be to bury one of my kids. That would be hell on earth and the thing that scares me more than anything in this world. I know it's a little bit morbid, but spiders and snakes are nothing compared to that.

What are the best and worst things about blogging?
Best: Meeting the wonderful people that are in the blogging world; being able to see a beautiful friend of mine and her gorgeous family whenever she does a post - that's my most favourite thing; being able to show my gorgeous girls and the little life we have as a family of five.
Worst: Feeling like my posts are boring and who on earth would ever want to read them; worrying that I'm not really cut out for it.

What was the last website you visited?
Apart from Mama Muesli bar to get all the deets about this post, it was SouleMama. I have her blog as my home page. It's inspiring in so many ways. It's the blog that I've been reading for the longest.

What is one thing you would like to change about yourself?
I would like to stop being a worrier. I'd like to stop worrying about what people think of me and to just let the bad stuff go. It really drags me down.

Slankets - yes or no?
Umm, no way!

Tell us something about the person who tagged you
Well, I don't know Amelia personally, but when I read her story, I was instantly drawn to her. What an amazing person she is. She also has two of the most adorable children that you could ever set eyes on.

Now the fun part continues. I get to tag five bloggers so they can now share ten things about themselves.*

Tahnee at Milk Please Mum
Ange at Yes, Dear!
Jody at Lemon Rhodes

*this was a bit of a hard task for me {well not the first on the list} but this whole new to blogging, and knowing who has a blog that I'm friends with on instagram...this bit probably took longer than the rest of the post put together!!

Friday, 10 February 2012

For Maxabella - Chicken, Mushroon & Zucchini Pie

One of the recent #febphotoaday subjects was dinner. Our dinner that night was Chicken, Mushroom & Zucchini pie. It's a recipe that I have adapted from a Donna Hay recipe, but I don't even read the recipe anymore. I just add the ingredients ad lib. I often cook meals like that. I have a lot of recipe books that I look at but don't use often enough. I fly by the seat of my pants in the kitchen and hope it all turns out ok! I always follow a cook book for baking, however. There's no telling what would happen if I didn't follow a recipe for a cake, but there's no doubt that it would end up being a flop!

Onto this recipe. I don't have exact measurements for anything, so sorry if you like being exact. But here's a rough idea of what I use. This makes for a lasagne dish pie. Halve the recipe if you don't what this much.


  • 2 leeks (I didn't have any leeks so I used 4 onions)
  • 3 or 4 cloves of garlic, or less or none if you don't like garlic - we love it :)
  • 700-800g chicken breast, cubed (you could also use thigh meat if you like, or a combination of the two)
  • Chicken stock - 2-3 stock cubes + water (I use Massel stock cubes. Not sure why, but I use them for anything that requires stock)
  • 4 or 5 large mushrooms, chopped
  • 3 or 4 small zucchini, chopped
  • 1-2 tablespoons of cornflour & cold water
  • Tarragon
  • Salt & pepper, to taste
  • Four sheets of puff pastry, milk or butter for brushing

In a large pan, heat some olive oil & cook the leeks (or onions) & garlic until they are soft. Add in the chicken and brown lightly. From here I add in the stock. I just simply put in two or three cups of water in the pan and throw in the stock cubes. Add in the mushrooms, the zucchini, salt & pepper to your liking and a sprinkle of tarragon. {I love the taste of the tarragon in this dish. It gives it a unique flavour.} I then turn down the heat and let the mixture simmer away. I leave it uncovered while simmering, and keep stirring occasionally to cook the vegetables through. If the mixture doesn't have enough liquid, add a little more water. Right at the end I add the cornflour mixed in a little cold water to thicken the liquid up. Once everything is cooked through, transfer the mixture to a lasagne dish. {When I made this, I had too much liquid, so I just drained some off so that the pie doesn't overflow while cooking in the oven.} Place the pastry over the top of the dish and brush with some water or milk. Place in a preheated oven at 180C. Cook until the pastry has puffed up and is golden brown. Serve & eat.

Sometimes I use spinach or kale instead of zucchini, and that works just as well. I have this obsessive compulsive thing where I need to have something green in each and every meal that I cook. Must. Have. Green.

The original recipe called for cream, but I don't really use cream much {coming from a dairy farmers daughter, that isn't ideal - I think I overdosed on milk products as a child}. Hope I haven't left anything out. I'm rather tired and looking for my bed, but have been meaning to get this on here as I've had a couple of requests. Thanks for the nudge Bron x

{this moment}

{this moment} - Inspired by SouleMama. A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savour and remember.

. . . . . . . .

Have the best weekend x

#febphotoaday {days 6 to 10}

{day 6}
dinner :: chicken, mushroom & zucchini pie cooking away :: 6:26pm

{day 7}
button :: in my button jar :: a selection of odds & sods

{day 8}
sun :: you are my sunshine :: paper cut by lydia crook :: 7:14am

{day 9}
front door :: in serious need of a make over

{day 10}
self portrait :: in my bedroom :: i feel like jumping into my bed and staying there today
*for some reason my instagram photo didn't save in my phone, so this is the original version

Thursday, 9 February 2012

up close and personal - or 'dogged' as i like to call it

I had my two eldest girls home with me this afternoon, while their dad was in picking the littlest up from her Mummars, and they wanted to do a bit of a photo shoot. I'm not into posey-pose photos much. I much prefer au-naturale. However, my girls are posers. You get a camera out and they are doing some weird move because they think that's what you have to do - a pose. I seriously don't know where they get it from. I am not a poser. Stick a camera in front of my face and I usually run a mile. If you look up "un-photogenic" in the dictionary, there'll be a picture of moi. I'd much rather be behind it.

When I tell the girls to "just look natural", they do a blank expression and look more like they are watching paint dry than actually looking like they normally do. I prefer to capture them either when they don't realise it, or just when they are smiling at me as it's the only way it results in photos that I like.

Today we had a short stint outside as my battery was low and I had other problems - the big dog would not leave me alone. {His name is Franklin. He is Bull Mastiff x English Mastiff. He is a large creature. Our other dog is a Jack Russell named Cyril. Hawks supporters will know the meaning behind their names.} He loves us to bits, but when that's the case, he has to be as close to you as possible - and that means on top of you. Every time I would crouch down to snap a picture, he would take it as his opportunity to hop on top of me me. He isn't small, so he pretty much bowled me over each and every time. If I was standing, he was either right next to me or running back to the girls trying to get in on some camera action. I couldn't get an appropriate shot while he was on me. I had my 50mm lens on and it just wasn't going to happen.

Here are a couple of shots we took.

He was seriously as close as he could get to me.

The last one is what happens when they get too close to each other. It is just so uncool to be too close to your sister you know. Der mum.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

snap it {home}

I know that this is seriously boring, but today was a busy day. My spot on the couch is calling me, but all I can see is that washing that needs to be folded. I won't dare show you the rest of my house. Did someone drop a bomb here today?

*Edit: In my ridiculously tired state last night when I wrote this post, I forgot to put that I am linking up with the beautiful Sarah over at Faith Hope & a whole lotta Love. Click on the link below to come and join us.