Tuesday, 17 January 2012

windy days, balmy nights

The last two days here have been hot. Hot I can take, but throw in the ridiculous Northerly wind and I start to loathe it. It's great for getting washing dry really, really quickly. But that's it. Even then, I'm out there for half an hour trying to get the wet stuff on - the line goes crazy as soon as one item is attached.

But, days like that usually bring wonderful balmy nights. Nights where we stay outside for as long as we can, watering the garden, laying on the grass, playing on the swings, watching the sun go down. Just being.

Last night we headed to the beach. It was close to dark so we just dipped our toes and felt the cool breeze on our skin. It was bliss.

Tonight looked something like this:

{she was already outside taking pictures - and of course instagrammed it straight away}

{my girl rocks}

Hope you can find an escape when the heat visits you xo


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