Tuesday, 24 January 2012

grateful :: home

I'm catching up again this week, but a turn of events {well actually only one painful event} caused me to be away from my computer {I know I did do one blog post about where I was, but it took so darn long, there was no way I was going to attempt to do another}. The worst part about being sick was being away from my beautiful family and my home.

So, this week I am grateful for home.


Home to me is not just a place where I live - it's the place I love and am loved

It may not be my dream house. It needs a lot of work done to it - bathroom to fix, and maybe one to add on; extra bedrooms; extra living areas; new kitchen...the list goes on. We are out of town, and sometimes it's hard to juggle all the running around with the kids.

On the flip side we live on acreage so there are wide open spaces and fresh air to breathe. The house also holds sentimental value to me - it was my Great-Grandfathers home. It was his soldier settlers land, and he built the house and raised his own family here. My wonderful Papa was raised here and began his dairy farming journey on this land.

This place is special. It's the home where my family are. The place where I long to be when I'm not there. Our sanctuary. Our refuge. Ours.


  1. So happy that you are home safe and sound. x

  2. oh to be back in your own bed again :) and you're right, it's a *very* special place you've got there. even if ruby thinks there's something stuck in your loo ;) xx

  3. Glad your home, so true it is where we love and are loved...keep rested :)

  4. what a beautiful grateful post! home really is quite wonderful.

  5. Thanks lovelies. Home is just so good. And, Tahnee, I had forgotten about that - we must upgrade our toilet!! ;)


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